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Edufunzone is dedicated to helping to make learning more fun and easy. The pages on this site contain shortcuts and tips for learning various common things that we all need to learn such as shortcuts for learning the multiplication tables or tricks for remembering all the states in the United States. Along with these tips are games that will help you to practice what you learn to help it to stay in memory.

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Learning Roman Numerals
Learn about Roman Numerals!
Today's featured game will help you to learn and remember Roman Numerals. Roman numerals are still used in various contexts. For example, on the internet the abbreviation "CPM" might seem like it refers to "Clicks Per Million" but the M is actually referencing the Roman Numeral M which stands for one thousand. So the term CPM refers to Clicks Per Thousand, not Clicks Per Million. The Roman Numeral system is fairly easy, but since it's a reltively archaic counting system it's not hard to get rusty on it. Fortunately a few minutes of practice with it should help you to solidify the Roman Numeral system in your memory.

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